What is black and white?
20th July 2016 - 0 comments
Just posted a new piece, with some comments that can relate to our perceptions of black and white; an especially germane topic these troubled days.
Some of my thoughts on the piece: That which is black and that which is white change places. Subtle variations on black and white abound; it is not so clear cut. Shared features. Some differences. Together: a strong statement.

Drama in drawing
13th July 2016 - 0 comments
The advantage of digital photo processing: a photo of a relatively quiet drawing done in ink on yellow rice paper has now been re-invented as if drawn with firelight. This adds drama and some mystery.

Art Trails in October, 2016
20th June 2016 - 0 comments
Save the dates: October 8-9 and 15-16, 2016 for the opportunity visit me and other Sonoma County artists in the annual Fall Open Studio Tour. Details later.
Into the unknown
19th June 2016 - 0 comments
So many thoughts of what happens after death, now that a friend has suddenly died. We can only imagine what that is all about. Most of all, I return to the concept of no boundaries; of the limitless unknown. An expansive thought that re-frames the idea of death being a clear-cut ending.
This new piece is called "Sailing into the unknown where there are no boundaries".

Promise of spring
19th April 2016 - 0 comments
After the darkness of winter, comes the glorious arrival of spring. Simple outdoor pleasures, like seeing the burst of colors and the abundance of busy birds, are here! This piece is titled Wing-swept.

Double color
04th March 2016 - 0 comments
The new digital photo-art piece,"Double E's, version 2", now featured on my Homepage, was so interesting to do. Besides the usual thrill of creating a new piece, this one has new color-neighbors, like red and hot pink; not my normal color scheme. Plus the two different colored circles compete for attention; which keeps the piece from being static.

Ode to Earth
31st January 2016 - 0 comments
The newest addition to an existing portfolio (Symmetrical>Warm) in my digital series is called Ode to Earth. There is no escaping our deep connection to our home planet. It is the ever-present force, regardless of our awareness.

A matter of scale
21st December 2015 - 0 comments
Even a small art piece can bring attention to the thrill of magnified perception. Via zooming in on the little things, I am enthralled by the texture and detail of things we normally pass over. How things are structured at the minutia level is fascinating.
The magnification also brings attention to the little funky things; pieces of lint, specs of who-knows-what. This is all a part of our everyday world; it is not perfectly pristine.
One of the pics is an example of what a collage can look like up close; the other one is of a new digital piece created out of the close up photos.

Painting on rice cakes
03rd November 2015 - 0 comments
One of my projects-in-progress is building a large digital piece made up of several simple rice cake paintings. The experimental painting on these rectangular rice cakes was so fun; the texture of the "canvas" superb. There are 12 rice cake paintings, placed by twos on each aluminum print. The ways to display them together are numerous. Giving the viewer free reign to arrange them as they please is part of the beauty of this project. Below is one of the possible sections.

Drawing with computer
13th September 2015 - 0 comments
More and more, I find it easier to incorporate drawing right within Photoshop. This has become yet another way to create art; it does not replace drawing directly onto the traditional media. It just offers another option. The more possibilities the better! No need to be limited to just what we have already done in the past. This recent digital art piece is called "It is whatever you say"; in other words, its meaning is in the mind of the beholder.

New series is a gluttony of buttons
20th August 2015 - 0 comments
Inspired once again by ordinary little things, I have created a new series based on a seemingly insignificant item: the button. The series is named Buttony, meaning a gluttony of buttons! Some of the pieces are quite colorful, as I seriously tweaked Photoshop and left caution to the wind. Others are more sedate. Either way, the symmetrical designs that I impose on the pieces lends a sense of order to it all.

July in Petaluma
28th July 2015 - 0 comments
The grunt part of moving is all over so I can now move on to more creative things! Such a good feeling to not be living by the alarm clock; more time for the spontaneous combustion of art. Today's piece is not quite symmetrical and was quite fun to create as I included a closeup photo of a tamari rice cracker with kelp.

Time out to leave job & move to Sonoma County
24th May 2015 - 0 comments
Until early July, I will be quite busy with leaving my full time job, moving to Sonoma county, and then (yeah!) devoting more time to my art. Stay tuned.
19th April 2015 - 0 comments
A burst of energy is reflected in numerous new digital art pieces. One of the new portfolios is called Golden. More and more, I love to see light, especially warm light, shining through in my work. Odes to the sun, and to our inner lights as well.

Along a fire access road
16th March 2015 - 0 comments
Often I walk on a fire access road, made out of cinder blocks; this lets the grasses, and whatnot, poke through the holes. Tampered down by foot traffic, for the most part. I took photos of the humble road today, and used these in some new pieces. One is called "Along the cinder block road". Here it is, along with a detail of that piece.

So much for knowing what the new year will bring
08th February 2015 - 0 comments
A bit late for the first blog of 2015; a bit hectic. Nevertheless, numerous new digital art pieces were created recently. The piece called Touches of Antiquity (featured in December's blog) developed into other pieces that turned out to be more and more baroque in nature. So, that is my newest portfolio name: Baroque. Who would have thought?

Been here before
30th December 2014 - 0 comments
End of another year; back to the beginning? After a while, the coming and going of years loses its significance, being that time really has little to do with the essences of life. The old and the new combine into today's images. Here is one image from what may be a "new" series called Touches of Antiquity.

Drawing on Surroundings
23rd November 2014 - 0 comments
My recent approach to drawing/digital art is intimately entwined with my photographs of things around me. To add and not detract from the photographs is the main challenge. I often draw via the computer directly on top of the photographs; the challenge being able to feel free enough with my hand while integrating the lines with the photo. The second part is not quite as hard, yet still requires astute sensitivity. It involves not over-doing the Photoshoping aspects. Here is a detail of one of the works, in the portfolio called Drawing on Surroundings. The original photo was a closeup of leaves on the pavement.

Seasonal series
12th October 2014 - 0 comments
As the season deepens, fall is in full swing. The richness of autumn inspires. Combining my life-long love of leaves with digital art is the result. The photos of leaves are inside the digital art pieces, sometimes rather hidden.

Seasons changing
21st September 2014 - 0 comments
As it turns out, one of my recent pieces reminds me of how it feels as we move into autumn. Its in the air; its in the shorter days. A layer has peeled away and the first hint of changing seasons is upon us.