Sensuous image
24th August 2014 - 0 comments
Besides doing lots of symmetrical art, I have been re-visiting parts of old paintings. Taking images that stand out and highlighting them in new non-symmetrical digital art pieces. This one is simple and sensuous; very tactile.

For the glory
13th July 2014 - 0 comments
One of my new digital art pieces is named "Glory", which just so happens to remind me of the motto of Arcata's wonderful Kinetic Sculpture Race every year: "For the Glory!" Rejoicing in life, and having fun.

Art and tafoni
10th June 2014 - 0 comments
Tafoni are rounded, lattice-like rock formations, such as the ones I saw recently at Salt Point State Park. They fascinate; they inspire; they jog the imagination. How they are formed is not completely understood, just like art. I combined a photograph of the tafoni into a digital art piece. The result is intriguing. Here is a detail example.

TOPIC: two make one
11th May 2014 - 0 comments
Two sides of the same coin; two in one; yin and yang; top and bottom; up and down; no matter how you cut it, there is an inherent unity. As they say, you can't have one without the other.
Throw in a bit of magnetism and imagination, and the result is a wonderful and dynamic moment.

TOPIC: The light is always on
13th April 2014 - 0 comments
What is this a picture of? Hints:
At night, the loved ones may be gone, but are not forgotten. Solar-powered night lights of all kinds, and of changing colors, put on a show.
Answer: I live near a cemetery and I love the way the dead are remembered.

TOPIC: Non-digital art
16th March 2014 - 0 comments
Despite spending many hours at the computer doing digital art, I keep my hand in the more immediate media of painting. Nothing can substitute for this hands-on experience with a brush or palette knife as it plays with paint. The "muse" has a very direct connection this way; spontaneity is enhanced. This picture is a detail of a 20" x 20" painting, tentatively called "Between Two Half Moons". This particular creature is quite amusing to me, as if it were a goofball alien!

POSTED: new series with Black
17th February 2014 - 0 comments
The digital art series that features black in a prominent way is now posted. I had written about this recently.
I have titled them; this however should not preclude the viewer from coming to their own interpretations. As always, my titles are not written in stone; they are only my personal tags.

TOPIC: new year
12th January 2014 - 0 comments
Who knows what this year will bring. This new digital piece may end up in a series called "Dancers". This image looks to me like a fairly confident dancer who is not afraid to test the waters. One foot is touching the moving river of the moment; another is firmly grounded; all in one figure. Not to be afraid.

TOPIC: Black is strong
22nd December 2013 - 0 comments
Art-to-come: as my Quatro series expands, I continue to create pieces in which black lines and forms are dominant. Very strong. Powerful.
Black really is beautiful.

TOPIC: tile work
15th November 2013 - 0 comments
When a pattern is detected by the brain, it easily accepts the visual input. This may be one reason why tile work is so appealing. It certainly is fun to create! This digital art piece is like tile work; a repetitive pattern that could go on and on.

TOPIC: Large perspective
12th October 2013 - 0 comments
When the world seems out of hand, I try to remember the specialness of us being here on this planet.

TOPIC: Expecting Nothing
09th September 2013 - 0 comments
I recently posted a new digital art series: Meditations. The latest addition to this series is called "Expecting Nothing". It is the cheeriest of the series, so far. What does that say? That we have the happiest time when we least expect it?

TOPIC: Photographs of art=new affordable art
11th August 2013 - 0 comments
After shooting some detail photos of my 48" x 36" Aartvarkian III painting, I am now creating new digital pieces that could be printed up to about 40". The printing industry is on board with museum quality printing of fine art, which makes the affordability and availability of art much improved. Art patrons could order small prints, or large ones. Getting my art to a printer, and then online to sell is a current project. Below is one of the detail shots of the above mentioned painting.

TOPIC: photo art
04th July 2013 - 0 comments
I am starting to play with superimposed images in PhotoShop and create some digital art. This is very much in the development stage! Lots of learning to do and lots of possibilities...these are good things, as always.
TOPIC: new painting
15th June 2013 - 0 comments
So, this is a detail of how my latest painting turned out. I titled it Aartvarkian II.
Another pictogram you could say. Another glyph, as I prefer to call it. A painted image of something both ancient and new; something that alludes to a merged world of both seen and unseen realities.
TOPIC: just the first steps
04th May 2013 - 0 comments
Starting a new painting: a sketch is the beginning. At this point, I don't even know which way is up! That's part of the beauty of art: it's the exploration, the voyage. I have no idea how this painting will turn out.

TOPIC: painting process
08th April 2013 - 0 comments
The stages of a painting, the evolution that pushes the artist to keep moving forward, the changes that pop up, the excitement of a new ending. In the photo below, the early stage of the painting on the left, the final version on the right. My gratitude to an artist friend who pushed me to create that last layer.

TOPIC: Free to re-create
15th March 2013 - 0 comments
Towards the end of 2012, I thought I had finished a painting called "Visitation #2". Only to look at it in early 2013 and realize that it was not right. It needed something more. With a certain fearlessness, I dove in, despite the risk of totally ruining it.
A detail of each of the two versions, side-by-side, is below. The re-creation is on the right. For me, the painting now rests in the realm of completion and is now called "Visitation/celebration".

TOPIC: Personal icons
10th February 2013 - 0 comments
If you had to choose one small image to represent yourself, what would you select? This icon could change with time. I have chosen the below picture, for now!

TOPIC: Take the best, leave the rest
06th January 2013 - 0 comments
In another look at a recent "mixed results" painting experiment, I chose this detail as one of the salvageable sections. It just goes to show that even if an end result is less than stellar, there can be something of worth in the effort. Something to inspire one on to the next step.