TOPIC: Let it shine
04th December 2012 - 0 comments
For the first time ever, I painted on silk. When held to the light, the colors take on a life of their own; and it is this that is so enticing. This photo is a detail of this first go-round with silk.
How to "frame" this piece is still up in the air. Am considering attaching it to some small square dowels in such a way that it can stand on its own and be placed near a light source. Displaying it up against a wall would cut off its vibrancy...and so it goes for many things!

TOPIC: learning from a failure
14th November 2012 - 0 comments
After many many hours of work on an experimental piece last month, I finally decided it was, overall, not that great. However, I played with photos of it and stumbled upon numerous detail shots that are definitely interesting; and informative as to what a "good" composition can be. This one photo here is an example of how "going to the edges" is often much more dynamic and engaging than traditional compositions.
This detail shot is one little section of the maligned painting/collage on plexiglass, with fabric attached to the back side.

TOPIC: Another Transparency
07th October 2012 - 0 comments
Another of the many ways to do transparent type paintings is to use bleach to draw on colored fabric, and then hold it to the light. The one shown here was actually done many years ago on green canvas. Working outdoors, I quickly brushed these designs using bleach as the "paint"; a reverse kind of painting, for sure. Other than the stink of bleach, it was quite fun!
The ultimate type of transparent painting is probably dyeing silk. This medium I have not used before; but that will soon change. As soon as the supplies arrive, I'm off to another art adventure.

TOPIC: Transparency
16th September 2012 - 1 comment
Lately, I have been working on some new pieces that involve holding them up to the light and letting the transparencies reveal themselves, both of the painting and the fabrics. Not the normal way to go about painting for me! These pieces are definitely works in progress and time will tell where this all goes. If I don't experiment, then I am not taking chances, and that is not good. My current experiments may fail in the end, but I believe I will learn something anyway.

TOPIC: The Next Adventure
03rd August 2012 - 0 comments
Recently, my mother passed away after living a long and full life. She was ready for this "next adventure" (in her words). Her positive attitude to death has helped me accept her passing, and welcome her step into whatever this next adventure is. She had been on the verge of dying for a number of days; and on one particular day, at dawn, I looked out my window and saw the sparkling Venus so bright in the eastern sky. I thought: Mom, this would be a beautiful morning to go. It turns out that a few hours later I got the call that she had just died. So special.

TOPIC: New place/new experiment
08th July 2012 - 0 comments
Now that I am fairly settled in my new home in the mountains above Corralitos, the art is starting up again. This first one is a spontaneous experiment; the finishing of which ended up in even a more un-premeditated look. Now that it is done, what is it? Maybe it is depicting the usually quiesent thoughts/feelings that arise as the night falls. Living in the quiet mountains can do this; the breeze causes veils to drop to the ground.

TOPIC: big change/new place
25th June 2012 - 0 comments
As of the middle of May, I packed up and moved to a new job and a new home; still in northern California, but much closer to the city (SF). The change had been brewing for some time and it all came together in a way that stills leaves me in a bit of awe. So many little pieces had to fall in place. Many months before this move, I had created a painting with words about "the wind inside". See the photo-detail below.

TOPIC: Spontaneous
02nd May 2012 - 0 comments
Like no other ink drawing I have done, this one pictured below takes the cake for being completely honest, spontaneous and intriguing.
I created it years ago, and it still speaks so clearly and simply of the possibilities inherent in "letting go".

TOPIC: Jumping for joy
01st April 2012 - 0 comments
The below photo of something I drew back in 1989 is just a detail; the rest of the drawing got damaged. Fortunately, the best part of the piece survived!
Every time I look at this image, I feel like leaping in the air out of sheer exuberance.

TOPIC: Art out of chaos
04th March 2012 - 0 comments
Reaching into a shelf full of unfinished art pieces recently, I picked up a wild one. The original layer of colors had been done some years ago in a strictly spontaneous surge of activity. Recently, I had added some 3D Doodle lines in another surge. And, very recently, I took out this unfinished piece once again and pulled the disparate elements together.
I named the piece today, calling it "Irrepressible". The layers of activity on this piece have fortunately kept its basic feel of the unbridled joy that I experienced in this creation. I hope others can also sense this irrepressible power of being in the moment and loving it.

TOPIC: You are here
12th February 2012 - 0 comments
There was a postcard making the rounds (in the 70's?) that had an arrow pointing to a miniscule spot in the Milky Way galaxy, with the words: You Are Here.
As I looked at one of my new-yet-to-be-titled paintings (see "You are here" in Recent Paintings), that perspective leaped out of my brain. I added an arrow to a small dot in the painting. A bit later I added, in very small type, the words you see below.

TOPIC: Interplay of black & white
17th January 2012 - 0 comments
Back in 1988, I created a series of large black ink drawings; done extremely spontaneously. As I held the sumi ink brush, the urge to create an interplay of positive and negative spaces seemed to propel my hand; and in a wink of an eye, images in white and black appeared. There is something especially liberating about working in ink on paper; the ink flows freely, there is no going back, there is no room for regret. I look at drawings like these now and am reminded of the appeal of working without concern about color. Just lines and forms. Very basic.
The image shown here is a detail of a 40" x 26" drawing.

TOPIC: destroyed art/collograph
24th December 2011 - 0 comments
Recently, I finished going through the last few batches of old drawings and collages in storage - throwing out the damaged pieces after salvaging as much as possible. Some of my works on paper from the 1980's were showing little areas of "foxing". These are reddish brown spots that you sometimes see on old paper, books. Over time, I have destroyed pieces that just seemed too damaged. This picture is a detail from one of the destroyed collages. The piece was made from collograph and handmade paper scraps; with some drawing in ink and charcoal.
I look at it now, so many years later, and feel like I have been re-joined with an old friend. The image below has a certain stance and suggestion of movement that is welcoming. It also serves as a visceral connection to myself of over 20 years ago. The image is giving me back those years; it is blurring the line between past and present to the point where the counting of those years becomes superfluous.

TOPIC: Current Art Shows
23rd November 2011 - 0 comments
There are several venues locally where my art is currently being shown:

"Holiday Invitational Exhibition" at Humboldt State University's First Street Gallery in old town Eureka, CA. I have two ceramic pieces in this show, see photo below for a detail shot of the mixed media one. Show runs from November 28 through December 23, 2011.

Solo show at Hand Therapy Center at 854 10th Street in Arcata, CA. Features 3D Doodle paintings and "Quatro" paintings, along with some watercolors and collages. The show started November 22. The Arts Arcata reception is December 9, 6 - 9 pm.

"Winter Exhibition" at Redwood Art Association Gallery at 603 F Street in Eureka, CA. I am showing one of my mixed media "Glyphyx" paintings. Show runs from November 23 to December 18, 2011.

TOPIC: Transforming the Life & Death
19th November 2011 - 1 comment
Now that some time has passed since one of my sisters died, I started changing the picture that I originally made for her. In PhotoShop, the blacks are now mostly color.

Topic: Life and death
04th November 2011 - 1 comment
This small drawing is in memory of my sister Polly who passed away recently. I had drawn this while she was still alive, not knowing that it would end up as tribute to her. It was just another small spontaneous ink drawing at the time. But, a few days later, just as I was looking at it and wondering what the title would be, the name "Polly" popped in my head AND I received an email saying that she was now going into hospice.
I shared a photo of the drawing with the family and a number of them saw in it a connection with our sister. Hard to say exactly what this connection is. Maybe it is best to leave it as a mystery. I do know that when she did die, there was indeed a crescent moon in the sky.
Now, this little drawing is at my mom's house; when I showed it to her, she immmediately picked up on a semplance to Polly. So, there the drawing sits, with my mom.

Topic: why "artist unique"
09th October 2011 - 0 comments
I have looked and looked for a contemporary art movement that is similar to my art. I have yet to find one. Hence, the descriptive phrase of “artist unique”. If you know of any artists having an affinity to my art, please let me know; I would love to connect with them!
My art is as free of rational constructs as possible. Generally, this approach results in biomorphic/metamorphic forms. For instance, the three dimensional ceramic sculpture first comes to life as a simple spontaneous sketch. From this starting point, my hands form the piece from the bottom up; responding to both structural and intuitive directives.
The paintings and works on paper are more spontaneous than the sculptures in that I am without the constraints of what clay can or can’t do. They are also more challenging because there are so many more options: color, line, mediums, brush, pen, pencil, etc. Once started, all the techniques, formal elements and inner suggestions do a synchronous interplay with each other. To keep the spontaneity is a moment-by-moment challenge, and basically an act of trust.
Whether it’s a sculpture or a two-dimensional piece, I never know what the final product will look like ahead of time. My commitment to being true to my “self” has often resulted in universal icons or forms. The walls that normally separate right/wrong, male/female, rich/poor, good/bad, human/animal/plant tend to fall away. The “self” does not have a manifesto.

TOPIC: Coping with the world
11th September 2011 - 1 comment
This is a sculpture called "Praying for all, always". This piece is a reminder to me of things that usually get lost in the daily business of living. As if by proxy, this sculpture vigilantly is doing what I don't have the wherewithal or time to do. It is praying for all creatures, 24/7. Someone has to do this! There just seem to be so many things on the brink of disaster or extinction.
I am not even sure what I mean by praying; is it an entreaty to a force as big as the universe? Or, is it actually a call to something inside of me? Something that is unfathomably connected to a powerful source of energy.

TOPIC: Painting Titles?
13th August 2011 - 5 comments
Titles for paintings are just my words; words that come to my mind after a work is completed. Just as legitimate are your words.

Feel free to share your “titles”. They can be short or long.

Current feature: a painting from the Glyphs series. When I look at this painting, a number of different experiences come to mind. One of them took place quite a while ago, one afternoon when I was crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge. I felt elated that things were indeed working out well after my move from the Los Angeles area. A confident exuberance just suddenly effused me with a sense of lightness as I was driving over the bay. A strong sense of lightness and new possibilities.

What comes to your mind when you look at this painting?